Encyclopedia Entries

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News Articles, Op Eds, and Opinion Pieces

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Journal Publications, Working Papers, and Conference Presentations
Academic Publications 


"Better for Whom? Sanction Type and the Gendered Consequences for Women" International Relations. 2021. https://doi.org/10.1177/00471178211018843
"Sex Trafficking and the Proliferation of HIV in Africa" - with co-author, Sam R. Bell; Journal of Human Trafficking, Enslavement, and Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, July 2022.
"Remembering the 'Human' in Human Trafficking: An Analysis of Female Leadership and Anti-Trafficking Policy Choices" - with co-author, Courtney Burns; Working Paper, Under Review
"Economic Sanctions and Labor Rights" - with co-author, Dursun Peksen; Working Paper, Under Review
Dissertation Title: "Feeding the Beast: Macroeconomic Drivers of Leadership Responses to Foreign Policy Action and the Gendered Consequences for Human Trafficking"