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Kate Perry

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Studies at Georgia Southern University. My research agenda focuses on Gender and Security issues addressed primarily through feminist political economy and feminist security lenses. I am specifically interested in the macroeconomic and political forces that drive negative outcomes for women in the world within the topics of human trafficking, foreign policy, conflict, and sexual violence. Concurrently, I examine how gender roles form and inform human experiences within these research areas. I have experience teaching a range of courses in the areas of international relations, security and conflict, human rights, gender and politics, and political science research methodology.


"Sex Trafficking and the Proliferation of HIV in Africa" - with co-author, Sam R. Bell; Journal of Human Trafficking, Enslavement, and Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, July 2022.
"Better for Whom? Sanction Type and the Gendered Consequences for Women" International Relations. 2021.
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